Representation, Negotiation, Advocacy
Joshua Newman

My Commitment

I have been working in the property industry and retail for over 20 years. I have developed a significant amount of experience negotiating with business owners and tenants. These years have always been on behalf of the owner or landlord. I am passionate about retail and have seen some terrible decisions made by unsuspecting tenants when negotiating their leases.

Tenants who trust that the owner will have their best interests at heart are too frequently taken advantage of. When I have been able to assist, regardless of the situation I have always attempted to reach a fair deal for those involved. However, I recognise that there are far too many landlords who prey on smaller business owners and disempower them.

In building this business I hope to work closely with small business owners and negotiate on their behalf using my wealth of landlord knowledge to achieve real and significant financial savings for the lease holder, and to allow them to build a profitable and sustainable business.

Joshua Newman
Managing Director
For The Tenant