Representation, Negotiation, Advocacy


Dedicated to working for the tenant, For The Tenant offers the following services

For The Tenant offers a complete representational service to personally assist the tenant’s needs. We work for the tenant to take the confusion and uncertainty out of the Landlord/Tenant relationship.
For The Tenant will negotiate between the tenant and the landlord to represent the tenant’s best interests. Using over 20 years of retail landlord experience to facilitate the best deal, whether new lease or renewal. A tenant should not have to accept the landlord’s offer. Everything is negotiable.
For The Tenant offers specialty advice to assist in dealings with retail and commercial landlords is ready to act for the tenant in any situation. We will assist in standing up for the tenant’s rights, from the initial advice phase through more detailed strategies and recommendations.

For The Tenant offers a broad experience in negotiating great outcomes for tenants with regard to the application of the Code of Conduct, rent waivers and rent deferrals.  We will comprehensively review the tenant’s own business’ financials in detail in order to structure the best outcome for the tenant.